Version: v1 (Final) (2015-05-26)

  • Added new attributes slug, name_plural to genres endpoint

Version: v1 (Final) (2014-12-05)

  • Final release of v1 after successful deployment, no changes to Release Candidate 1

Version: v1 (Release Candidate 1) (2014-10-13)

  • Image resources accessed via can now be loaded both via http and https

Version: v1 (BETA4) (2014-09-09)

  • Added new xml and json responses for server errors (code 500), see Error Handling)

Version: v1 (BETA3) (2014-03-27)

Main focus on revised XML format of API:

  • XML nodes are now directly named by field names (e.g. <title>) instead of beeing <str> nodes with an name="title" attribute
  • When searching with highlighting enabled, result nodes with highlighting information (e.g. <title>"Frau <em>Merkel</em> ist am Zug"</title>) are now shown directly in the associated <doc> document (see new Highlighting chapter in documentation)
  • New <responseHeader> with information about a request
  • Old XML format can still be accessed with format=solr_xml as a query param
  • Additional simplified date and time fields duration_en, air_date_en, air_time_en for videos endpoint (only XML) (see: Field description)

Version: v1 (BETA2) (2014-02-17)

  • Removed support for v1-draft API version
  • Added 410 (Gone) error message when trying to use an outdated API version
  • Error messages are now provided in xml for xml API requests (see: Output Format)
  • Changed leading http:// from example URLs in documentation to https://
  • Added an xml error message example and a list with available error codes in docs (see: Error Handling)
  • Added short chapter about encoding of requests and responses (see: Encoding)
  • The channels and the genres endpoint are now also provided in xml format (see: channels, genres)

Version: v1 (BETA1) (December 2013)

API version v1 will be the first stable version of the API. The next BETA releases will be used to finalize the API.

  • Removed *_exact fields - used for exact match queries - in favor of using double quotes for the same purpose

Version: v1-draft (October 2013)

Draft release of the API. Experimental release for figuring out the basic structure of the API. Will lead to an initial version v1. Behaviour of this API version can change without prior notice.

  • Basic API structure with versioning, endpoint definition, structure of results, error handling
  • videos endpoint with a definition of the various result attributes
  • shows endpoint to query show information
  • channels endpoint for getting a list of available channels
  • genres endpoint for getting a list of the different genres
  • Documentation: “Getting started” with an introduction to the API usage and information about authentication, pagination, API queries and sorting mechanisms
  • Documentation: “Endpoints” section with information about usage of the different endpoints

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